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Commercial Counsellor

Commercial Section, Sao Paulo, Embassy of Pakistan

Mr. Syed Intikhab Alam
Commercial Counsellor

Embassy of Pakistan
Sao Paulo

Profile of Mr. Syed Intikhab Alam


Ms Thais Ribeiro Lobo
Trade Development Officer (TDO)

Address: Av. Sao Gabriel, 495; Conj: 72, Jardim Paulista, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
CEP: 01435-001

Telephone: (+55)-11-5505-1981,
Fax: (+55)-11-5505-4934

Email: pakccsp@yahoo.com

Working Hours: 0900-1700hrs (Mon-Fri)


The Commercial Section, Sao Paulo is an attached wing of Embassy of Pakistan, Brasilia. It works in close coordination with the Ministry of Commerce, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, Board of Investment, Chambers of Commerce and Association in Pakistan and relevant authorities in host country.

It is responsible for promotion & facilitation of Pakistani Exports, including investment in Pakistan.

Jurisdiction of the Commercial Section: Commercial Section, Sao Paulo is accredited to Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Guyana, Suriname and Venezuela..
What We Do

Commercial Sector's team prime responsibility is to connect Brazilian buyers of related goods to Pakistan Exporters and to provide information on the highlights of our trade activities aiming mutual business benefit in order to grant long term contracts.

The Commercial Section also offers matchmaking services for intending importers / investors. It is responsible for providing up-to-date trade, investment and tariff policies of Pakistan.

Scope of Pakistan-Brazil Trade

Presently Pakistan's export to Brazil include items like Cotton, Other made textile articles, sets worn clothing, Toys, Games and Sports Requisites, Photo, technical, medical etc apparatus, articles of Apparel & accessories Knit or crochet, Articles of Apparel & accessories not Knit or crochet, Article of animal leather, gut, harness travel goods, Tools implements, cutlery of Base metals, Plastics and Articles thereof, Copper & articles thereof, Miscellaneous manufactured articles, manmade staple fibers.

All these products exported to Brazil are less than 1% of Brazil's total import of these items from rest of the world. Since these are the major products which Pakistan is exporting to other countries in the world so it will be prudent that Pakistan's export of these items is increased to Brazil. There is great scope for increase in export of these items to Brazil.

Pakistan's major imports from Brazil include: Cotton, Plastic & articles thereof, Machinery, Pharmaceutical products, Tobacco and tobacco manufactured products, Iron & steel, paper and paper board articles, Ceramic products, Rubber & Articles thereof, Organic Chemicals, Animal, vegetable fats and oils, Coffee, Tea, mate and spices, Electrical & Electronic equipment's and Tanning & Dying pigments and materials.

Two-way trade stood at US$300 million in 2014-15. Pakistan's exports to Brazil were US$ 80 million, while the Brazilian exports to Pakistan were US$220 million in 2014-15.

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