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Consular Services

Download Visa Form

Download Passport Form-A (For Persons Above 12 Years)

Download Passport Form-B (For Persons Below 12 Years)

Download Form-X (Declaration of Renunciation of Citizenship)

Download Form-S (Registration of a Children of Pakistan)



Requirements for Visa

1. Passport with minimum validity of six months.

2. Three recent (not more than six months) 3 X 4 size photographs with light blue background.

3. Return air ticket booking.

4. Photo copy of passport (first & last pages) and in case of non-Indonesia i.e. Timor Lesten, photo copy of resident permit also.

5. Sponsorship / invitation letter from Pakistani citizen with his ID card copy (For Tourist Visa Sponsorship from only Approved Tour Operators in Pakistan) sent by fax (Fax No.5785 1645). For family visa proof of Pakistani origin Documents, old Pakistani passport, ID Card, POC, Renunciation Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate Etc.

6. Persons proceeding to Pakistan on specific assignments (business etc.) should enclose letter/documents from their employer providing details of the assignment and an invitation letter from Pakistan.

7. Police Criminal Clearance Certificate.

8. Bank Statement.

9. Duly filled in Visa Application form with Current Visa Fee for Indonesian national: Visit/Family/Friend Visa Single Entry IDR 700,000 and Double / Multiple Entry IDR 1400,000. Business / Work Single Entry IDR 1,050,000 and Double / Multiple Entry IDR 2,100,000/-

Note: Visa Application can be down loaded from the website: www.dgip.gov.pk

Application processing time is normally 3 working days.

  • Visa applications of nationals of third country (other than Indonesian and Timor Lesten will only be entertained if they have proper resident permits.

  • Applications of visitors who are not in possession of Residence Permits will not be entertained.

  • Timings: Monday to Thursday 0930 to 1200 hrs

    Jl. Mega Kuningan Barat Blok E.3.9, Kav 5-8, mega Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan 12950 - Indonesia.
    Telp : (021) 5785-1836/37, Fax: (021) 5785-1645,
    Email: pakembassyjakarta@gmail.com

    Machine Readable Passport (MRP)

    The Government of Pakistan has introduced Five (5) and Ten (10) years validity Machine Readable Passports (MRP) incorporating special security features designed to check human trafficking and forgery. It contains digitally printed personal data with a photograph in the bar code.

    Valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) or Computerized Registration Certificate (CRC) or the National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistani (NICOP) original is mandatory for issuance of the Machine Readable Passport (MRP). The issuance of passport is directly complementing the government's efforts to increase the number of people in database and in improvement of the overall governance of the country.

    Requirements for Machine Readable Passports for applicants under 18 Years of age

  • Personal appearance of the applicant(s) with father or mother.

  • Original Valid CRC (Computerized Registration Certificate) or NICOP or Form B or FRC along with a photocopy.

  • Proof of legal residence status in the Indonesia /visa/ Work permit)

  • Copy of Father and Mother's Valid CNIC/NICOP.

  • Requirements for Machine Readable Passports for Applicants 18 Years of Age and Above

  • Personal appearance of the applicant(s).

  • Original Valid NICOP/CNIC along with a photocopy.

  • Original latest Pakistani passport along with a photocopy.

  • Proof of legal residence status in Indonesia (copy of Kitas/ visa/ Work permit)

  • No Objection Certificate for Government servants.

  • Note:-
  • Married Female should have Husband's Name on her CNIC/NICOP. Otherwise Father's Name will be written on MRP.

  • Requirements for Lost Machine Readable Passport

  • Personal appearance of the applicant(s).

  • Detailed Police Report in original.

  • Original Valid NICOP/CNIC along with a photocopy.

  • Photocopy/Number of Lost Pakistani passport.

  • Proof of legal residence status in Indonesia (copy of Kitas/ visa/ Work permit)

  • No Objection Certificate for Government servants.

  • Procedure

  • Fee is non refundable.

  • Deposit slip will be provided to the applicant and fee is to be deposited in Embassy of Pakistan Account in Danamon Bank.

  • Present fee receipt and Pakistani Identity (CNIC or NICOP), Pakistani Passport, Documents with Photocopies for issuance of token and Digital photo capture (without eye glasses).

  • Proof of legal residence status in Indonesia (copy Kitas/visa/ Work permit)

  • Digital fingerprint capture.

  • Data Entry (Please Read Data Form carefully and sign).

  • DATA Verification by MRP Officer.

  • No need of any form and photograph.

  • No need to make an appointment. Process is based on"First Come First Served Basis".

  • MRP can't be issued or renewed in mail or through a representative.

  • No amendment/modification is permissible in Machine Readable Passport. The Applicant should apply for a new Passport.

  • Processing Time:-

  • Urgent: 10-14 Days

  • Regular/Normal: 3-4 Weeks

  • Delivery of Machine Readable Passport:-

  • Applicants can check the status of your MRP on www.dgip.gov.pk

  • Passports are available for pickup by the applicants or authorized person who have to bring Original Token and Original Last Passport.

  • Documents Required For N.O.C. For Marriage With Indonesian Girl

    1. The bridegroom has to provide an original affidavit from his parents that he is not previously married and that he is authorized to marry with an Indonesian girl (attach Parent's CNIC copy). The affidavit has to be duly attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad or Camp Offices in Provincial Capitals. In case of second marriage, permission from his first wife would also be needed.

    2. A certificate from union council that Pakistani citizen is unmarried in their record.

    3. The willingness certificate of the parents of the girl that they allow their daughter to be married with the Pakistani man along with photo copies of their indent.

    4. Family registration card or Kartu Keluarga of the Indonesian girl.

    5. Identity Card of the girl.

    6. Surat Keterangan Untuk Nikkah issued by Rt.Rw, Kelurahan dan KUA. (NOC for Nikkah from relevant Regional Nikkah Office in Indonesia)

    7. Willingness of the girl that she intends to marry without force with Pakistani man and will not come to the Embassy in case of any dispute between them.

    8. A photocopy of CNIC/NICOP and valid Pakistani Passport.

    9. NOC Letter Fee Rp. 350,000/-

    Jl. Mega Kuningan Barat Blok E.3.9, Kav 5-8, mega Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan 12950 - Indonesia.
    Telp : (021) 5785-1836/37, Fax: (021) 5785-1645,
    Email: pakembassyjakarta@gmail.com

    Requirements For Birth Registration Of Child

    1. Birth Certificate of child.

    2. Duly Filled in Form 'S'strong>.

    3. Two photographs (3X4 size blue background).

    4. Parents Pakistani passport and ID card copies.

    5. Marriage Certificate.

    6. Permit of stay (Kitas) copy.

    List of required documents for Renunciation of Pakistani Nationality

    (The following documents shall be attested by authorized Officer of the Mission, and may be arranged in the following order)


    Required Document

    No. of copies


    Separate covering letter of the Mission, for each case.



    Form-X & Particulars (One pager), duly typed (not to be hand-written) Specimen enclosed. An attested photograph may also be pasted on top right.



    Copy of any one document i.e. Assurance letter with English translation/Naturalization Certificate/Foreign Passport



    Copies of applicant's CNIC/NICOP, both sides on one page.



    Copies of latest Passport, on one page.



    Prescribed fee's receipt, dully deposited in Mission
    (Chq./Demand draft etc. is not admissible)



    Attested photographs 2"x1%"Size (one attested on front be pasted on Form X) with white background (others may be pasted on a white sheet to avoid astray in transit.



    Copies of any one document i.e. NICOP/Birth Certificate/Pakistan Passport of the minor children of the male applicant only, residing abroad, where applicable.



    The copies of Nikah nama/divorce papers, of the female applicant, if passport / NICOP is not modified with husband/father's name respectively.



    Any other relevant document.



    Latest surrendered passport in original (one). Other passport(s) may be sent on receipt of Renunciation Certificate.



  • After receipt of Renunciation Certificate, the original NICOP/CNIC may be forwarded to Director (IOD), NADRA, Headquarters, G-5/2, Islamabad along with copy of renunciation certificate, under intimation to this Directorate General.

  • The Renunciation Certificate would be issued as per Form "X". Therefore name spellings on Form "X", NICOP, Pakistan Passport, Assurance letter/foreign Passport should be the same. In case of any variation/name change, an application with supporting document may be attached with the application.

  • Contact Details (consular section)

    Embassy Address: Jl. Mega Kuningan Barat Blok E.3.9, Kav 5-8, mega Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan 12950 - Indonesia.

    Telephone: (021) 5785-1836/37,
    Fax: (021) 5785-1645,

    Email: pakembassyjakarta@gmail.com

    Head of Chancery Mr. Ali Mehmood
    Office No: 57854229
    Cell No: 0092-85811357156

    Consular Assistant<
    Mr. Muhammad Naveed
    Cell No: 0062-85776092478