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Latest Press Releases

Pakistan Day at Prato

(2018-01-15) Yesterday, Ambassador Nadeem Riyaz visited Prato and addressed the Pakistani community.

The Prato youth had organized a function on Pakistan which highlighted the life and the personality of the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Speakers spoke about the legacy of the Quaid terming him an upright, sagacious, hardworking individual who had a vision of a Pakistan in which there would be the rule of law, unity, harmony, discipline, peace and prosperity.

In his address, the Ambassador paid rich tribute to the Quaid and stated that Pakistan over the years, despite hardships, has progressed. He asked the community members to remain united, shun their political differences and work towards the well-being of the community and Pakistan.

Stressing the importance of education, he instructed the community to give education to their children. He asked the community to integrate into the Italian society while maintaining their individuality. He stated that the community had a very good reputation as being hardworking and law abiding and must follow Italian law and desist from misusing the internet and social media as it has a negative backlash.

The address of the Ambassador was appreciated by the audience which numbered over 500 participants.

15th January 2018