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Consular Services

Download Visa Form

Download Passport Form-A For For persons above 12 years

Download Passport Form-B For person below 12 years

Download Form-T

Download Form-S

Download Form-C

For Issuance of Pakistan Origin Card (POC)

i) Fee for POC is US$ 100 (for 18 years old or above) and US$ 50 (for less than 18 years old)
ii) Two recent photographs (white background)
iii) Photocopy of applicant’s NIC/CNIC/NICOP
iv) Photocopy NIC/CNIC/NICOP of parents/husband
v) Photocopy of Pakistani Passport of self/parents (if available)
vi) Photocopy of Valid Foreign passport
vii) Duly attested birth certificate
viii) Photocopy of NIC/CNIC of blood relative living in Pakistan
ix) Original computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) (if held)
x) Marriage certificate (for first time registration as married person)
xi) POC shall be valid for a period of 7 years from the date of issuance

For Issuance of National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP)
i) NICOP fee US$ 15
ii) Two recent photographs (white background)
iii) Photocopy of valid Pakistani Passport iv) Photocopy of Valid Foreign Passport (for Dual National only)
v) Photocopy of Pakistani B-Form/CRC/MNIC/CNIC/NICOP
vi) Photocopy B-Form /CRC /NIC/ CNIC/NICOP of Spouse/ Father/ Mother
vii) Birth certificate (for first time registration only)
viii) NIC/CNIC/NICOP card copy of Family Head