Article 1.   NAME

    The name of the Association shall be the Pakistan Foreign Office Women’s Association (PFOWA).

Article II.   LOCATION

    The office of the Association shll be located in Islamabad.


    It shall be a non-political, and charitable organization, with the following aims and objectives :

1.    To promote a better understanding of the social, cultural, and economic life
 of Pakistan and towards this end, to arrange different programmes including exhibitions, cultural shows and social meetngs.

2.    To play an effective role in social welfare activities and to raise funds for charitable purposes by arranging an Annual Fair and other programmes as may be agreed upon.

3.    To look after the welfare of the deserving among grades I – XV employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The main aim shall be to assist them in the following fields, to the maximum extent possible, depending on the availability of funds :


To provide course books/note books to a maximum number of three children of the above employees upto to the level of F. A./F. Sc. If funds are available, the Executive Committee may decide to provide course books/note books upto the level of B. A./B. Sc.
To grant a limited number of scholarships annually for higher education in Pakistan on the basis of merit.

Health Care
To provide assistance in those areas which are not covered by the government health policy. As a general rule, expenditure undertaken in the past will not be reimbursed.
To provide advice on family planning and general hygiene.

(c) Widows’ Welfare

        To provide assistance in deserving cases on individual basis.

4.    Cases referred to the PFOWA Social Welfare Committee shall be verified personally be the Secretary and Co-Secretary Sovial Welfare and the decisions to assist the individuals concerned shall be taken by the Executive Committee on the merit of each case.

5.    Subject to the availability of funds, the Association may also consider the following :

To provide aid in times of national calamities.
To set up and operate training centers aimed at creating economic self-reliance.


1.    Wives of all FSP officers serving at home and abroad shall be Members of the Association.

2.    Wives of all FSP officers shall be required to fill in the requisite membership form as soon as their husbands join the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after completion of their specialized training at the Foreign Service Academy.

3.    Wives of all FSP officers must pay the annual membership subscription.

4.    The annual membership subscription shall be Rs. 300/- (or equivalent amount in US dollars). The amount shall be subject to revision by the Executive Committee, as required.

5.    Lady officers in the FSP cadre may also become Members of PFOWA. Wives of FSP officers, even if they

5.    Lady officers in the FSP cadre may also become Members of PFOWA. Wives of FSP officers, even if they are FSP officers themselves, shall in any case be Members of PFOWA. They may participate in PFOWA activities to the extent possible.

6.    Wives of all officers posted against permanent ex-cadre posts in the FSP Cadre, shall also be eligible for membership of PFOWA during the period of their husband’s posting. They may apply for membership in writing to the executive Committee. Upon acceptance they shall fill in the requisite membership form and deposit their annual membership subscription. Their membership will be automatically terminated once their husbands are posted back to their parent Ministries/Departments/Organizations.

7.    All Members residing in Islamabad, whose husband have retired from service in the FSP cadre, or during their posting against a permanent ex-cadre post in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, during or after the year 2000, shall continue to remain Members of the Association if they wish to do so. In the same way, in case the husband of any Member unfortunately expires while serving in the FSP cadre, or during his posting against a permanent ex-cadre post in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she shall continue to remain a Member of the Associattion if she whishes to do so. All such Members would be required to regularly pay the annual membership subscription. The same reles as applicable to all other Members would contnue to apply to them. Their membership will be automatically terminated if they do not deposit the annual membnership subscription upon completion of one year from the last date for depositing the subscription, or if they permanently nove out of Islamabad.

8.    The above rules would also apply to lady FSP officers after their retirement from service.

9.    A Member shall immediately cease her membership if her service/her husband’s service with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is terminated on disciplinary or such other grounds. If a lady FSP officer contiunues her service after termination of her husband’s service on disciplinary or such other grounds. If a lady FSP officer continues her service after termination of her husband’s service on disciplinary or such other grounds, she may continue her membership of the Association.


1.           The fiscal year of the Association shall commence from the month of January and end in the month of December.
2.    The Association shall run its office from its membership dues.

3.    Funds raised by the Association shall be utilized mainly for charitable purposes.

4.    The Association funds shall not be utilized directly or indirectly by any individual Member for personal benefit.

5.    In case of dissolution of the Association, its property and funds shall become the property of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

6.    For the transfer of its assets, in the event of its dissolution, after meeting all liabilities, if any, to another organization which is an approved non-profit organization, within three months of its dissolution under intimation to the Commissioner.

7.    For the utilization of its money, property or income or any profit thereof solely for promoting its objects.

8.    For prohibiting the making of any changes in the constitutional memorandum and articles of assocition, trust deed, rules and regulations or by-laws, as the case may be, without the prior approval of the Commissioner.

9.    For restricting the moneys validity set apart or not utilized under 25% of the income including surplus workded out of the amount from donations made to it. In case of the accounting period closing within three months of the commencement of activities, the Commissioner can relax the conditon upto 50% of the amount.

Provided that a certificate, to the effect that the amounts in excess of the said limit have been invested in Government securities or in the scheduled banks including NIT Units or any mutual funds registered with the State Bank of Pakistan or Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan, is produced.
Provided further that such deposit or investment invested through the scheduled banks shall not exceed 1/3rd of surplus at the end of the year.


1.    The Executive Committee shall have the following office bearers :

General Secretary
Co-General Secretary/Membership Secretary
Social Welfare Secretary
Co-Social Welfare Secretary
Education Secretary
Co-Education Secretary

2.    The wife of the Foreign Minister shall be the Patron of the Association.

3.    The wife of the Foreign Secretary shall be the President.

4.    The wife of an Additional Secretary shall be selected by the Preident for the post of Vice-President.

5.    Posts in the Executive Committee from (D) to (k) above falling vacant during the year shall be announced and all Members at Headquarters shall be free to apply for them.

6.    Selection of Members to fill vacant posts in the Executive Committee shall be made by the President in consultation with the Executive Committee. The office bearers shall be selected for a period of one year and may apply for the same post or another post upon expiry of their term. Selection shall be based on the following general criteria :

The applicant should have remained a Member of the Association for at least one year;
She should have3 regularly paid her membership dues, with no amount left outstanding against her name;
For the posts of General Secretary, Education and Social Welfare Secretaries and Treasurer, preference shall be given to Members who have served previously on the Executive Committee. However, if the applicants include only those Members who are applying for the first time, selection shall be made from amongst them.
An office-bearer who is performing well against a post and applies for continuing in the same post upon expiry of her term, shall be given preference for selection to that post.

7.    Executive Committee meetings shall be held at least once a month except during the summer break.

8.    If required, the President may also call Emergency Meetings of the Executive Committee.

9.    The Chairperson and one third of the membership of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum.

10.    If required, Working Committees shall be appointed for the organization of the Annual Fair and other special programmes.


The Patron of the Association shall :

Take an interest in the general welfare of the Association.
Assist the Association on any matter of importance refered to the Patron.
Preside over functions at the request of the Executive Committee.

2.    The President of the Association shall exercise all powers and perform all duties as the executive head of the Association, including the following:

She shall preside over all meetings of the Association.
She shall supervise and manage the activities of the Association with the assistance of the Executive Committee.
She shall select Members to fill posts falling vacant in the Executive Committee, in consultation with the Executive Committee.
She may assign a task(s), related to the activities of the association, to any Member of the Executive Committee, as required, over and above the work specified for the post held by each Member.
She shall perform the task of Editor-in-Chief of “The PFOWA Annual Gazette”, appoint a Member as Editor of the Gazette and generally supervize the publication of the magazine, ensuring that the material contained therin conforms to the defined aims and objectives of the Association.

3.    The Vice-President shall :

Assist the President in the supervision of the Association.
Exercise the duties and powers assigned by the President.
In the absence of the Presiden, assume all powers and perform all duties of that office.
Issue a bi-annual report on the activities of the Association for circulation to all Members.

4.    The General Secretaryk shall :

Maintain a record of all the proceeedings of the meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee.
Act as a custodian of all the moveable properties of the Association.
Attend to all correspondence.
Notify Members of the meetings of the Executive Committee and General Body.
Assist the President in arranging programmes approved by the Executive Committee.
Coordinate with Members of the Executive Committee regarding the various activites of the Association.

5.    The Co-General Secretary shall assist the General Secretary, and shall have the same functions as those of the Secretary in her absence.

6.    The Co-General Secretary shall also maintain a record of Members, issue forms for membership and maintain accounts of the membership dues.

7.    The Treasurer of the Association shall :

Maintain accounts of the Association and present a regular monthly account at Committee meetings and an audited and certified annual report at the General Body meeting in the month of December.
Make payments on authorisation and in accordance with the directions of the Executive Committee.
Operate the Bank accounts and sign all cheques, notes, drafts and bonds jointly with any of the following Executive Committee Members :

General Secretary
Deposit the funds in a Bank(s) as authorised by the Executive Committtee.
Collect and receive all dues and funds.

8.    The Co-Treasurer shall assist the Treasure and shall have the same duties as those of the Treasurer in her absence.

9.    The Secretary Education shall implement the work outlined in Article III, Clause 3 (a) with the approval of the Executive Committee.

10.    The Co-Secretary Education shall assist the Secretary Education in the implementation of her duties. She shall have the same duties as those of the Secretary Education in her absence.

11.    The Secretary Social Welfare shall implement the welfare activities outlined in Article III Clause 3 (‘b’ and ‘c’) with the approval of the Executive Committee.

12.    The Co-Secretary Social Welfare shll assist the Secretary Social Welfare in the implementaion of her duties. She shall have the same duties as those of the Secretary Social Welfare in her absence.


1.    The General Body shall meet at least twice every year.

2.    Special meetings of the General Body, as required, may also be called.

3.    The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the month of December for the presentation of the annual reports by the General Secretary and the Treasurer.

4.    There will be no General Body Meeting in the month of June, July and August.

5.    Only those Members who have paid their membership dues shall be invited to attend General Body Meetings.

6.    The quorum shall be formed by an attendance of at least one third of such Members present at Headquarters.


1.    Any proposal to amend, add or delete from this instrument shall be sent to the President, who shall place it before the Executive Committee for its consideration. Should the Committee so approve, the General Secretary shall circulate it to all Members present at Headquarters who have duly paid their membership dues. A proposed amendment shall be adopted by a simple majority vote of such Members.

2.    The 1975 Constitution of PFOWA was amended in 1989. The Constitution was further amended in the year 2000 and 2006.