PFOWA held a Prize Distribution Ceremony for the Foreign Office staff‘s children on Tuesday, September 4, 2102. Appreciation certificates and monetary awards were distributed among the 100 high achievers. The awardees include 33 successful students who had completed a one month computer course from NRSP and the young school/college children who had scored 85% or above in the board examinations. The school students who won one of the first three positions in the final exams of their respective classes were also awarded certificates and prizes. Mrs. Shaista Jilani, the PFOWA President welcomed the honorable chief guest, Nawabzada Malik Ammad Khan, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs. She thanked him for sparing his precious time to applaud and encourage our young achievers. In her welcome address, Mrs. Shaista Jilani praised the prize winners, congratulated their proud parents. She highlighted the importance of education and emphasized the need to generate interest in our new generation to become a better human being who will not only excel professionally but will also rise in their moral and social values. She affectionately declared them the future nation builders and hoped that in future, their outstanding professional and moral achievements will make our whole nation proud of them. She commended the PFOWA Education committee (comprising Mrs. Asma Qaiser the Secretary for Education sector and Mrs. Jannat Rehmat, the co-Secretary) on organizing such a successful event. She also highlighted how PFOWA has been actively participating in various activities to boost the morale of their peers to create a sense of healthy competition among them so that next year, more and more children should make an effort to win certificates and prizes. She praised the prize winners and declared them a role model for the other students. The details of the prizes distributed are as follows: Four students who scored 85% or more were awarded five prize bonds each worth Rs.200. (total worth of Rs.1000 per student) 43 first position holders were awarded three prize bonds each worth Rs.200. (total worth of Rs. 600 per student) 35 second position holders were awarded two prize bonds each worth Rs.200. (total worth of Rs.400 per student) 18 third position holders were awarded one prize bond each worth Rs.200. (total worth of Rs.200 per student) The Chief Guest, Mr. Nawabzada Malik Ammad Khan, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs distributed the above prizes and certificates among the winners. He also addressed the audience on the occasion and praised the students’ excellent performance. The program also included small speeches by the distinguished guests of honour: Foreign Secretary, Mr. Jalil Abbas Jilani and the CEO of NRSP, Mr. Rashid Bajwa. The ceremony ended with warm promising smiles, and our young students returned to their homes along with their proud parents with an aim to achieve even better results next year.