Pre-Diplomatic Bazaar Meeting

PFOWA's Annual Pre-Diplomatic Bazaar Meeting was held on 10 November, 2016 at the Ministry's Auditorium. PFOWA's Executive Committee members, as well as a large number of representatives from different Islamabad based Embassies attended the meeting. General Secretary Mrs. Lubna Khayyam conducted the program. President PFOWA Mrs. Najia Aizaz Ahmad gave a warm welcome speech to the Diplomatic Corps. During her speech she highlighted the importance of volunteer work, for the betterment of society and thanked the Diplomatic Corps for their participation in this year's bazaar. Bazaar Secretary Iffat Tasawar briefed the Diplomatic Corps on bazaar requirements, security arrangements, stage show segment of parade of nations and raffle information. A multimedia drone video was shown regarding last year bazaar which was taken by a drone camera. At the end President PFOWA Mrs. Najia Aizaz Ahmad along with PFOWA's Executive Committee members, took the Diplomatic Corps to bazaar venue, which was followed by a question and answer session and refreshments were served to them.