Pfowa is a non-profit charitable organization, bringing improvement and reforms in the lives of underprivileged and needy individuals of society over past many decades. For this very purpose, Pfowa engages in a number of capacity building activities for fund raising and fund distribution all year long. During the hour of need and subject to the availability of funds, Pfowa outreaches and also helps society facing natural disaster. 

Pakistan faced a huge challenge this year to reform the lives of people living in flood stricken areas. To keep the wheel of charity running, the president of Pfowa, Mrs. Najia Aizaz Ahmad, along with her team of executive committee presented cash to "True Worth" foundation to help rebuild lives of those affected by flood. The president presented cheque to Mrs. Fatemi to be used by the foundation for flood relief efforts. 

Pfowa aims at working more in this domain, if funds allow, to bring improvement in the lives of those in need and out reaching the society at large.