This year PFOWA's team organized its fourth Annual Spring Festival by presenting a musical evening to the Foreign Office family, which was held at the front lawn at the Foreign Office. After days of planning and meetings at PFOWA's office, the hard work paid off and the stage and decor were being set in the spirit of the Musical Evening. The team was ready to welcome the entire fraternity of the Foreign Office under the open sky. While guest were arriving they were "greeted" by nature with a small rain shower, after all spring season has its tricks. The evening started with a fervent performance by Singer Mr. Usman Shakeel and his Saakin band. Furthermore, the evening continued with Karaoke part, in which a few talented young Officers took part as well as some Retired Ambassadors and their spouses. PFOWA as a team also gave a thrilling Karaoke performance on the stage. The wonderful host for the evening, Mrs. Erum Gillani made sure that the atmosphere was kept lively among the families due to her interaction with them. The evening was attended by Special Assistant to Prime Minister Mr. Tariq Fatimi and his wife Zahra Fatemi and our Foreign Secretary Mrs. Tehmina Janjua plus a good number of attendances amid the families of the Ministry of Foreign Office as well as our retired Ambassadors and their spouses. Looking back it was truly a wonderful evening, and a great way for the attendees to interact with each other in a relaxed setting.