A school in Islamabad for the children of the officers and staff members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been a long cherished requirement of Foreign Service community. PFOWA is very proud to announce that a partnership agreement has been signed with Roots Millennium School (RMS) for the construction of a purpose built school on PFOWA's own plot.

This partnership was finalized after a competitive process of offers from reputed school brands in Islamabad. The school will provide state of the art educational facility with special discounts for the children of officers and staff members of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The school facilities will also be available to PFOWA to run its vocational and educational training programs.

Under the leadership of President PFOWA, Mrs. Najia Aizaz Ahmad, this is yet another initiative which will always be mentioned as a milestone in the history of PFOWA. Pfowa in keen and determined to make its contribution to bringing positive change in society through education and awareness.