“Love is not patronizing and charity isn’t about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same – with charity you give love, so don’t just give money but reach out hand instead.”
Mother Teresa



The idea of PFOWA emanates from higher ideals of service humanity, of funding after one's own actualizing one's potentials and embracing in friendship and camaraderie all nations, people and cultures. This idea has been upheld and nurtured by successive generations of foreign office women and men, be they spouses of diplomats, or diplomats themselves. Today PFOWA is no longer just a local charity, it is more local, more national and more international which is fueled by endless compassion.

Fund Distribution

PFOWA’s in house welfare programme seeks to complement government support and provide assistance where it is most due. PFOWA welfare, in the context of the Foreign office serving and retired, low incomeemployee takes multiple forms, including but not limited to:


i.       Financial assistance to widows with young, school going children and no prospect of employment.
ii.      One time medical assistance for patients in distress(medical emergencies and elective treatments)
iii.      Recurrent medical assistance for chronically ill patients
iv.      Assistance in the event of deaths, accidents and disasters.
v.       Assistance in arranging marriages
vi.      Financial grants on the occasions of Eid and Christmas

PFOWA’s outreach extends itself to help those in need outside Foreign Office. Organisations like SOS village Islamabad and Umeed-e-Noor have benefitted from the charity given by PFOWA. In case of a national disaster, PFOWA outreaches those in state of trauma and shock. If funds allow, PFOWA also expands to families in need of medical assistance or going through serious financial problems by educating/ training a family member so that he/she can cater to the needs of his family by being independent. 

Fund Raising

For charitable organizations relying on the philanthropy of their associates, fund raising is not only a challenge but also a center piece of their operations. At PFOWA, running recurrent expenses are kept to a minimum. Funds are essentially garnered to run PFOWA’s various charitable endeavors and programmes. The annual bazaar holds a very high mark in fund raising. This bazaar is foremost significance as it raises most of the funds for PFOWA.