“We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something.”
Mother Teresa



Pakistan Foreign Office Women’s Association (PFOWA) was formed in 1947 with Mrs. Shaista. M. Ikramullah as its first President. It is a registered non political, social and charitable organization based in Islamabad and works with the following aims and objectives (Article III of PFOWA’s constitution)


  • To promote a better understanding of the social, cultural and economic life of Pakistan and towards this end, to arrange different programmes including exhibitions, cultural shows and social meetings
  • To play an effective role in the social welfare activities and to raise funds for charitable purposes by arranging an Annual Fair and other programmes as may be agreed upon.
  • To look after the welfare of the deserving among grades I-XV employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The main aim shall be to assist them in the following fields, to the maximum extent possible, depending on the availability of funds:


  • To provide course books/note books to a maximum number o three children of the above employees, upto the level of F.A. /F.Sc. If funds are available, the Executive Committee may decide to provide course books/note books upto the level of B.A. /B.Sc.
  • To grant a limited number of scholarships annually for higher education in Pakistan on the basis of merit

Health Care

  • To provide assistance in these areas which are not covered by the Government health policy. As a general rule, expenditure undertaken in the past will not be reimbursed.
  • To provide advice on family planning and general hygiene

Widows’ Welfare

To provide assistance in deserving cases on individual basis

  • Cases referred to the PFOWA Social Welfare Committee shall be verified personally by the Secretary and Co-Secretary Social Welfare and the decisions to assist the individuals concerned shall be taken by the Executive Committee on the merit of each case.
  • Subject to the availability of funds, the Association my also consider the following:
  • Provide aid in times of national calamities
  • Set up and operate training centres aimed at creating economic self-reliance