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One-Day Training on Use, Operation and Maintenance of Detection Equipment, 16 August 2016

(2016-08-17) To strengthen implementation of Export Control on Goods, Technologies, Material and Equipment related to Nuclear and Biological Weapons and their Delivery Systems Act (Export Control Act - 2004), and enhance capacity of enforcement agencies, one day training workshop was held at Strategic Export Control Division (SECDIV) on use, operation and maintenance of detection equipment, on 16 August 2016. Representatives from Pakistan Customs and other border controlling agencies attended the workshop. Detection equipment including Contraband Detection Kits, Handheld Trace Detectors and Personal Radiation Detectors were also handed over for deployment by the relevant departments/agencies.

SECDIV regularly holds Commodity Identification Training (CIT) at different Customs Collectorates. CIT has now been institutionalized and incorporated in training curriculum at the Customs Training Academy.

Ms. Tasnim Aslam, AS (UN&EC), in her inaugural address, highlighted the importance of use of technology for effective detection and interdiction of contraband goods. The Additional Secretary appreciated SECDIV contributions towards the National Detection Architecture.

17 August 2016